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In an era where artists flash anything and everything in our faces 24 hours a day – K-Riz instead chooses to keep it 100, let his music speak for itself.

— Rosa Jason, Hip Hop Canada


K-Riz is one of the most talented spitters in Alberta (trust – he can go off at like 542,876,432,129 bars per minute). In terms of technicality, this man knows how to deliver and he knows how to work his flow.

— Sarah Jay, Hip Hop Canada


Sonically, K-Riz's music is refreshing and often makes you feel like this is what music would sound like on Saturn.

— Arlo Maverick


K-Riz himself is no lyrical slouch. Using a very sharp delivery, he delivers a myriad of quotables sprinkled throughout the listening experience. At no point do you feel any verse was just "put out there" or something to fill in the gaps, nor any hook or bridge wasted. As diversified as the production of album in terms of sound, K-Riz has in lyrical ability that he proudly displays over the roughly an hour of listening time. It never feels like it drags, or hits low points, just a steady ride of dope bars.

— Cordell Miller, Iceburgh Society